DEUTZ Timing Belt and DEUTZ Hydraulic Belt Installation Kits

1011, 1011F, 2011 SERIES ENGINES

Deutz Special Tools Kits

Our Deutz Timing Belt and Deutz Hydraulic Belt Installation Tool Kits include all the required tools for F/BF 1011, F/BF 1011F, and F/BF 2011 (with and without spring loaded idler) series Deutz Diesel Engines. Our trained and experienced staff will help you determine what tools and parts will be required for your specific engine repair. An engine specific set of instructions will be included with each kit, guiding you step by step through the timing belt installation process.

We also sell corresponding PARTS kits, that contain all the parts you require to complete a timing belt installation.

green check = Included
orange check = Optional

Timing Belt Install Tool Kits




Tool Kit Case
green check markgreen check markgreen check markgreen check mark
Instructions: 1011/1011F   (specified maintenance interval)orange checkorange check--
Instructions: 1011/1011F   (engine overhaul or belt failure)orange checkorange check--
Instructions: 2011   (specified maintenance interval)--orange checkorange check
Instructions: 2011   (engine overhaul or belt failure)--orange checkorange check
Wrench for Camshaft Gear Clamping Washer
green check markgreen check markgreen check markgreen check mark
Tension Gauge for Timing Belt (...and Hydraulic Belt)
green check markgreen check markgreen check markorange check
Locking Pins for Crankshaft and Camshaft
green check markgreen check markgreen check markgreen check mark
Torque Drivers for Dust (Timing) Cover
green check markgreen check markgreen check markgreen check mark

Additional Tools for engines with Belt Driven Hydraulic Pump
Instructions: Hydraulic Pump Belt Installationorange checkorange checkorange checkorange check
Belt Adjuster for Hydraulic Pumporange checkorange checkorange checkorange check
* 2011 early models without spring loaded idler.
** 2011 newer models with spring loaded idler.
Deutz Special Tools for Timing Belt Installation or Overhaul



Please follow the below instructions prior to calling about Deutz Tools or Manuals. If your calling for tools or manuals other than Deutz go to step 2.

Locate the Engine Information plate and record the Model Number and Serial Number of your engine. If you are ordering tool or manuals for more than one Deutz engine, please record the information for each engine.

Deutz Diesel Engine information plate

If you are having difficulty finding the Engine Information plate on your engine, then try using this Deutz Engine Serial Number Location guide: VIEW DOCUMENT


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